Great Painting And Decorating Advice For Your Child’s Room

It cannot be overstated how important it is to decorate a child’s room with vibrant colors and pretty animations so that they feel like it’s their place, all to their own. Plus, by having plenty of interesting things for your child to look at when they’re  trying to go to sleep, it can keep them from crying for extended periods of time. For some great painting and decorating advice for your child’s room read the following tips to give you some ideas.

Add Giant Wall Mural With Extra Stickers.

One easy to do, and very inexpensive project, is to add a large wall mural of your child’s favorite cartoon characters. It need not cover the entire room, maybe just one corner would be enough, and then you can get extra add-on stickers related to the same mural to place in other places, throughout the room as well. Many of these murals are available in a wallpaper type format which only needs to be dampened, placed on the wall, then squeegeed to eliminate extra glue and allowed to dry. Most of the extra add-on stickers for the rest of the room, are merely peel and stick, which your child can help you do if he’s old enough. There are also matching wallpaper trims, that could be added, circling the room at eye level for extra  effect. Once you’ve picked out a theme, it’s pretty easy to continue on with other items like mobiles, toys, and other related items. That’s some great painting and decorating advice for your child’s room

Glow-In-The-Dark Stars.

While there are companies that can come out to your house and use specialized technology to paint accurate constellations that actually appear in the sky on your wall and ceilings.But that’s not really necessary for a young child. It’s better to head on down to the store and get some glow-in-the-dark star stickers that come with instructions on where to place them in order to closely simulate the real night sky. The stickers only glow for an hour or so when the lights are out and then they dim and go out, so they won’t keep your child up late at night, however they do provide a certain glow to the room for awhile, helping your child keep himself occupied until he falls asleep.

And Whiteboard or Painting Easel.

This is super easy, you can go down to your local store and pick up a whiteboard and simply install it on your child’s wall, at the right height so that he can easily access it. Be sure and buy a full array of dry erase markers so that he can get right to work drawing whatever he pleases. Another fun artistic project for your child would be to hang a painting easel on the wall, with the giant tablet full of plenty of extra paper. Some kids absolutely love to paint and it’s an excellent way for them to express themselves for very little money. You’ll need to buy some paint, paintbrushes,  an apron to protect his clothes, plus it’s a good idea to put down a large plastic tablecloth on the floor to catch any drips.

painting and decoratingThe advice on painting and decorating advice for the child’s room is endless, there are thousands of different, easy to do, inexpensive projects that can give your child a lifelong love of crafts, painting, reading or even astronomy. You can do online searches for child’s activities, decorate a child’s room, or educational projects for your child, to get thousands of ideas to try.